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I have one of these!!

Can anyone suggest a way to get information on a drill press I just aquired? I have tried searching the web but not much found. It is a 5-speed Chicago drill press, floor standing. Seems to run fine and is built like a tank! Two two guys (beat up old guys) to get it into my little shop!! Would like to get operators manual etc. Was told it is a 70's vintage, but not certain of that.Where else can I look.
Hello Birchwood!

I actually have one of these Chicago drill presses that you speak of!

Actually, I sort of have it indirectly- it was my father's. He would know so much more about it, but unfortunately he passed away this July. It is circa 1970's- probably mid to late 70's. Reason I know this, is that when I was a little girl, the drill press was in my father's gunsmithing shop, in the early 80's. The drill press was near new then, and he was quite happy to have found it. When I got a little older to help out in Dad's shop- that was my drill press to work on. :D

I agree that it's truly built like a tank- and has withstood moving from 6 different locations of my father's shop as his business grew. I would also be interested in any information you might find on your Chicago Drill Press, because I'm researching values for this piece of equipment for his Estate currently.

But I can absolutely confirm, these things are built rock-solid, and are most DEFINITELY not Harbor Freight! :D
1 - 2 of 15 Posts
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