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Need Pilot

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I have a set of High Speed steel Craftsman Router bits and lost the pilots. They screw into the end of the bit any one know a source for replacements or a work around ?

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ddec; welcome!
You may be the last person alive still using Craftsman HSS bits. ;)
I still have some but never use them. I think I bought them in the late '60s
It seems to me there might have been more than one size. I might still have one but if you are in the States the shipping might be worth more than your bits are (if I can find it and have it). I also still have a few and haven't used any of them in years. I see them go for sale on ebay along with HSS Vermont Americans and old Bosch bits. Often no one bids on them.
I had an old set of my uncle's and gave it to a person that bought an old Craftsman dovetail router template from me. It did have several different diameter pilots.

Amana still makes that type bit but in carbide but they don't list any pilots.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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