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Hello folks - I am a hobby woodworker and quite recently added a router table to my shop to which I mounted my Ryobi r163 fixed base router. I have the following questions.

1. I am trying to make a small box with rabbets along the edges. For this I am using a straight 1/2 inch bit and not a rabbeting bit. I would like to make 3/4 inch width cuts so that another plywood of 3/4 inch can fit and from a height perspective I would cut 3/8 inches. When I did the cuts yesterday I took out 1/2 inch in the first pass but found burn marks and cut very rough. When I reduced the cut depth and width it was a bit smooth. What is the right increments to use for multiple passes? Also I purchased a milescraft depth gauge so that I know when I got the 3/4 inch and 3/8 inch marks. I would slowly move the router depth and fence based on this. Is this the right approach?

2. Any cost effective way to clean my router bit and sharpen them?

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1 - 2 of 9 Posts