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Need some input on getting my dust under control

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Hello to all, I need some input on getting my dust under control based on my circumstances. I have poked through the archives and read the Bill Pentz info. I do not want to spend a lot but have a reasonable budget (would like to stay in the $300 - $400 range).

I am an infrequent wood worker and have little room to spare in my shop (doubles as a garage most of the time). I primarily use a miter saw for various projects, router on occasion, table saw infrequently, hand sander on occasion, jig saw on occasion, might buy a bandsaw at some point. I might spend 3 or 4 days on a specific project and then not be in the shop working for several months.

Right now I have two Sop Vacs, an older 1.25 HP/7.2 Amp and a newer 3HP "peak" 7.6 Amp, the older one runs circles around the newer one.

I am thinking of either a Dust Deputy of some sort to use with the older shop vac or a 1 HP dedicated dust collector like the Shop Fox W1727, 800 CFM (supposedly) which I would move from machine to machine as needed. I could do a very short run of 4" piping close since it would be some kind of mobile setup.

I also thought about adding a hanging air cleaner at some point to supplement the dust collection. The garage has good ventilation by opening the main overhead door and side door, a solution that vents outside through the wall is not possible.

Any thoughts about my plan of action or advise would be great.
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Doesn't really work, Tom...snow, heat, cold, rain, wind, ice on the driveway, longer hoses, extension cord, etc...

Besides, the fine dust gets all over the place (driveway, lawn, cars, neighbors, etc) and then gets tracked into the house.

Bought one a long time ago and now I use it to blow off the driveway...the bag made good compost...
you are correct in this aspect...
Robert the most efficient dust collection will happen as close as possible to the source so using the dust ports on those tools is your best plan of attack especially for the portable ones. The bag units are basically dust redistributors and not dust collectors unless you spend a bunch of money on replacing the top bag with a cartridge filter. All they do is catch the large particles. The fine dust goes right through them. I know this because that's what mine does and Tom's suggestion to wheel it outside doesn't work for all of us. It's too cold in the winter to do that here. I would definitely have no faith in the small single bag ones to work.

A drill press doesn't make much fine dust but if you want DC at it then maybe this Lee Valley magnetic dust chute is your answer. It might be for a band saw too if you can find or make a mounting spot for it.

Thanks Charles, I might have to buy/try one of those Lee Valley dust chutes.
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