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I’m interested in buying a compact router.

I can’t tell from the illustrations whether the “holes for premium edge guide” in the base (labeled “M”) in the attached illustration, go through the entire base to the other side.

I thank you in advance.
- I have the Dewalt <amongst other routers> and am quite happy with it. Can't speak to the PC router. I use it as a hand held and also use it mounted in my CNC machine on occasion.

- the holes you have marked as 'M' do indeed allow a rod to go completely through the base <if I understand your question>.

- for an edge guide I cannot comment on the one you mentioned. I use a PC 42690 and it attaches to the two holes on the long edge of the router base. It could be adjusted to use the 'M' holes by re-positioning the rods in the guide.

- you probably can't go wrong with either the PC or Dewalt and I also believe there is a lot of support here for the Bosch Colt. Me, the Dewalt does everything I need in a handheld.

- ebill
1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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