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Hey Jose..welcome to the community...

I have both the Bosch Colt and the Dewalt 611PK. Both with most of the common accessories. Both have worked out exceptionally well. Well enough that if/when one craps out, I'll replace it with another. The only issues I've had after several years of use are that the collet on the Colt just flat out broke a couple days after I got it and one of the LED's in the 611 crapped out in short order as well. The collet was easily and quickly replaced and the LED is still out *L*...not really worried about it. ZERO problems with either unit since.
The fixed base for both IMHO takes some getting used to because of the small footprint. Very different from the larger traditional round bases found on larger routers. With safe practices and controlled use, both fixed bases work just fine and get the job done nicely. For some the big opening to the bit window on the base of the Colt might be a bit scary but certainly not a deal breaker. You just have to get used to it. I like both of the plunge bases. Both adjust easily, hold their settings and provide a stable platform to work off of. Really don't have a favorite in terms of how the plunge base feels in my hands in use. I don't use dust collection on either router. I should, but I dont.
The Colt is used primarily for smaller tasks and softer woods while I keep the 611PK for medium sized tasks and harder woods. By doing this, I don't work either to death. Dont get me wrong, the Colt can/has handled larger tasks on harder woods quite well, but since I"m fortunate enough to have both routers, I just kinda break up the work load between the two hoping to prolong the working lifespan of each.
If I had to choose one over the other, I'd go with the 611PK only because it can serve as a more general purpose router for the shop/home.
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