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Nelly's new friend

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My walnut elephant "Nelly" got a lot of attention from my daughter, and she wanted a pair of boxes, so i made Ronnie the rhino to go with her to their new home.
Here;s Ronnie, and then the happy couple;


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Beautiful job Bob,showing the Asian species of both Rhino & Elephant.Daughter will be very happy.
Very nice. Well made and the finish is outstanding! She will be happy with them. Have you considered making some other African animals as the lion?
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A giraffe would be challenging.
My preference in box making is more treasure chest type, with a technical aspect to the building. But they dont sell and are not even sought after as freebies ("heres 6 boxes, pick one.. oh, you dont want any of the five chests then?").

Animal shapes sell as fast as I make them, so yes, there will be more this year.

The walnut fronts on these were very challenging as they were slices off a plank that was very heavily knotted and no good at all for furniture. I love the swirls and did my best to make them fit the animals, but its really difficult to get a decent finish on wood that doesnt stay still (lol).
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You make the most original and best use of sandwiched BB! I really enjoy seeing your projects because of that. My home was furnished, decorated and painted on a "European In Africa" style. So we have a number of Effelents and other accessories. I was looking at the Walnut on sale at my regional wood supplier the other day, really beautiful material.
Another great one. Always enjoy your work. Understand the point on the boxes. I’ve sold 2 at charity auctions but otherwise I can’t give them away either. At least I get some nice dinners out of my cutting boards.
Another superb job, Bob.
Bob great pair of boxes.
I really like it , and they make a great pair . You do some incredible work ;)
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