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nesting tables

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Anyone have plans or cutting lists for a set of three nesting tables?

I've just finished extending my sun shade pergola (basic picture blog here) Bob Cooper's Pergola new extension Photo Gallery by John Cooper at

and now the missus wants some tables for drinks when we're entertaining.
I want some simple plans, dont have a lathe so I cant turn legs, and am a real beginner at joints. Planning on using white oak at the moment.
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I can't help you with plans or a cutting list, Bob, but I did enjoy seeing all the photos of your project. Nicely done.
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Well Bob, you could just get some cardboard boxes, sized so you could just fit one over the other. Wife might not like that one tho. Alternately, you could make some boxes that fit over each other. If the wife doesn't like that idea, no problem, use them in the shop. But, I'll take pity on you.

Here's plans for a really neat nesting table. My favorite.


This is really neat. My second favorite. Personally, this is the one I think would make your wife happiest.

Just remember, google is our friend. Now if we could get rid of pinterest, we'd be sitting pretty.
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Hey Bob, what a great job on the awning. I bet the tile keeps a lot of heat off when you are out there. The tile looks nice too.
Thanks. yes, the tiles are the best heat blocker you can get.
Its not quite finished, theres a few snagging items to do, and i now have to run electric power sockets for the Tv etc. I'm expecting to be abkle to take the "all done" pics next weekend.

Theo, the first one is no good because it has to be more than one table.
the third is a really cool idea, but we would have so many critters making their homes in the darkness inside the tables,
the middle one looks pretty good though. Thats the front runner so far.
Bob, the first one was a joke. You wanted a nesting table, well chickens lay egg in nests, and that was a Green Egg. Hehehe

This is something I just ran across, and I think it is much cooler than nesting tables. Stool Katarina plan
too many slots for the wine glasses to stumble into.

They might be called "coffee" tables, but thats only because "alcoholic tables" just sounds too silly.
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I don't see slots. The pieces fit together close enough to negate slots. If you're drunk you're gonna slop your wine regardless.
Theo has a lot of spare time on his hands I think. lol
Let's see, a top either glued up or ply with a glued on edge. Some kind of roundover on those edges. Tapered legs to lighten the appearance, left square on the top 3.5-4 inch (by 3/4 thick) for the apron. Attach apron to legs with pocket screws as the picture shows. Glue the top in place but only lightly on one side if it's a glued up surface. Lightly roundover the tapered portion of the legs to make it look more graceful. The apron goes only on 3 sides so the next smaller table fits in the remaining space.

Repeat for the next nested table, but smaller. Most nested table sets have three tables, the inside one being noticeably shorter than the first. BTW, you could also use Rockler's BeadLock system for those joints--pretty easy to make a very strong joint that way.

Hint, the narrower the legs on the top, the larger the subsequent nested table tops can be. I'd try to keep to top of the legs down to about 1 1/4 thick, tapering down to about 7/8ths inch. Probably don't need a detailed plan for this project. It will look pretty modern. The first picture has square legs, imagine the slight taper on the inside of those legs. The second picture is a much fancier set of tables, similar to an antique set I have. However, the thinner the legs, the less steady each table will be once un-nested. That will probably increase chances of spills.

Use some really nice hardwood, probably all one type wood. I don't think contrasting woods will look good. Finish with your favorite material, remembering that it will be subject to alcohol spills and wine stains, so I'd be inclined to use my favorite, wipe on poly on top of whatever stain your wife likes. Probably worth half a million husband points, which will last a week or so.


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Theo has a lot of spare time on his hands I think. lol
I google fast. Also, still back in the shop yet.
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That rockler beadlock looks a good idea, but by the time I pay shipping and imports, that would cost me more than buying two sets of tables.

i need to get some input from the boss as to what type she wants.
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