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New acquisitions

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Got a Freud FT2000E and a Makita KP0800 from a retiring contractor, for a whooping $180. The KP0800 is brand new. Haven’t tried the plane yet, but absolutely LOVE the router. It’s a day and night difference from the Ryobi I started with. Will take a little to get used to the plunging, but the tool is on a completely new level.

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I had one of those Dennis. The armature winding failed. At the time a new router was worth $275. A new armature was worth $265. We've seen a few other people who had the speed control fail. It was over $100. Sorry to rain on your parade but when it quits don't plan on fixing it.
Freud stopped selling routers but I think Felisatti made them, so parts might still be available. I still see them for sale with the Felisatti name. The planer looks nice, many of the users like their Makita stuff, me included. Enjoy your new tools, Dennis.
I’m not making a living off of woodworking, so the router won’t be used nonstop or for anything heavy duty. Unless it’s a complete lemon. In which case, I’ll try to enjoy it while it lasts :)

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Mine worked fine, it just didn't last as long as I felt it should and was too expensive to fix. It may be possible to wire around the speed control. I know it was suggested. I just can't remember if anyone reported doing it. I think Paul is correct about it being made by Fellisati.
I’m generally happy about the router because it opens a whole new venue with the 1/2” bits and everything that comes with it. Meaning that I am no longer limited to very light duty stuff and can take on more serious projects.

It’s an entirely different game with a soft start, a plunge base and an edge guide. I haven’t done anything substantial except for testing it on some scrap wood, but am looking forward to learning how to use it for tenons and mortises. If anything, it’s an invaluable hands-on experience that I paid very little for. Absolutely zero second thoughts.

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Dennis, I like your attitude about your purchase. Like you, I'm only doing light duty stuff.
I bought a used Freud FT2000E 15 years ago from a local woodworker and it still works like new. I mainly only use it in my table as it's quite heavy.
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