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new and hello

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hi to the woodworking experts. after trial and error I decided to search the web for help and found this forum. I have broused through most of the posts and their is some really good information here.
I am by no means an expert on wood working in fact I have turned to this forum to help me. So, even though they say there is NO dumb questions, I might have a few that qualify.

I do not make cabinets, tables, doors or anything like that. I am a custom lure builder and make wooden crankbaits for fisherman. So please take it easy on me and my questions.
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Hello, Tally welcome to the forums, feel free to ask any questions, at worst, you won't get an answer, but I'm 100% sure that you'll be helped.
Welcome to the forums Tally. We're not experts either well some are but I'm not. I learn something new here everyday if I don't understand something I just simply ask and the answers come. Don't worry about us on your questions. We'll learn from you on how to make them lures. What kind of wood do you use for your lures balsa or another type.
Welcome Tally. There are no dumb questions here, only dumb ones are the ones you don't ask. We are not here to make you feel dumb. You know we all start somewhere. So be safe and enjoy woodworking. I used to work with some guys who made crankbait and some metal lures. Course they were supposed to be doing something else, but. Again welcome.

the "Doctor"
Welcome tally, look forward to talking routers with you.
Thanks to all who are making me feel welcome. The wood I use mostly is cedar and balsa, but poplar and other like woods are always an option.
Welcome to the forums Tally! As you can tell lots of great folks here on the forums!
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