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new bandsaw guides

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I had an old 14" delta bandsaw that wasn't cutting great. I hadn't used it at all for several years. I had seen some carter videos like this one below where he makes a reindeer in 2 minutes. if I tried that there'd be a finger or two in there probably.
really liked what I saw but I was put off by the price. for everything that I wanted it was $400:surprise:. new guides, tires, 2 blades, a magnetic fence and the stabilizer that makes your saw cut like a scroll saw. they say the saws today, or least the ones in my price range, aren't made as well as my 1990's delta.
I finally jumped in and am really happy I did. it wasn't hard at all to change the guides. at some point I want to try some of this 3D stuff too.


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I think its safe to say that when Carter introduced their guides for the 14" Delta's, it changed how the market looked at the potential bandsaws had. Great purchase.
Had a 14 inch Delta that I installed Carter guides on. Really improved performance. Sold that saw to get a Laguna 14/12, which has a much larger resaw capacity. The carter guides required a little care setting up, but were really nice to work with. I thought about getting the stabilizer, but by the time I would have gotten it, I'd sold the saw. Look forward to seeing more of what the stabilizer does.
I have the Carter guides on my 14” Grizzly bandsaw and they are great. I bought mine when the Wood Show was in town and the cost was less.
eBay search for the Stabilizers saved me a bundle (STD1 $40.67 shipped). I've done the raindeer, very fun.
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