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Hi Jon, welcome to the Forum.

My wife winces every time she sees the vanity in my bathroom. I'd enjoy seeing what you came up with because I think it's about time to retire my well-used one. FYI, to post pictures, you load them into your computer, and make your entry on the Forum. Then, just below your text, you'll see a row of commands, starting with a capital B for Bold. About in the middle you'll see a small rectangle (just left of the camera icon). Place your cursor where you want to insert your picture, then click the rectangle and a little box pops up.

Use your Windows Explorer, or apple file finder to get to where you saved your picture, then drag and drop it onto the popup. Done. You can place pictures anywhere you want. And you can put in up to 10 items, for example to describe how to do something, or to put up options for comment.
1 - 1 of 5 Posts