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New CNC Machine

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Hi,I have owned and run a joinery firm for the past 30 years.

we have just purchased a biesse rover 24L Cnc machine,

we are concerened how much tooling we should purchase at this stage until we really get the hang of the machine.

-David Rouse,

-Rouse Joinery ltd.:happy:
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Hi Dave,
My theory for what it's worth..I have a tool and die shop and also retired from General Motors and find the economical method is to only buy tooling for the job you have or are going to get. Don't buy big sets of things that always come with stuff you will never use. Downside is the time it takes to get the tooling after you get the job. If you can predict things you will absolutely need go for it. Otherwise keep your money in the bank instead of hanging on the wall or on a shelf.
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