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New CNC User

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Hello from Lakewood, CO,
I am a new owner and user of a Shark HD4 CNC with a water cooled spindle.
I recently started learning to use V-Carve Desk Top and am getting recommendations to upgrade to V-Carve Pro or Aspire.
I signed up for the Vectric Users Group meeting here in the Denver, CO, area next October, when there should be a new version of Vectric software already introduced.
My first projects are to create display boards or boxes for custom made knives and collectible firearms.
I am looking to learn more about the design to create pockets to receive the handles and outlines of the collectible knives.
I have already learned from this forum how to get the Freud Router Bits out of their plastic prisons - a hammer and punch was needed to force them out of the plastic retainer block.
I am also finding out that, as with most hand made items, creativity and flexibility is necessary to get to the end result.
Thank you.
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Welcome to the forum, David! And thank you for completing your profile. Only about 1 in 50 do that!

We do like photos of shops, tools, CNC machines, projects, etc., so post whatever you've got whenever you're ready! :grin:

I just built a knife presentation box not long ago - fun project.

Welcome to the forum David . Looking forward to seeing your projects :)
Welcome to the forum David.
Welcome here!!
I have been working on a nice 1911 display case. There are lot's of .DXF files out there for purchase or some free, and as you get better you can start making your own designs with the measurements of the knives and guns.
Since you have the HD4 you should have the Vcarve pro edition already.
The Shark HD4 came with V-Carve Desktop.
The Shark HD4 Extended comes with V-Carve Pro.
I bought the HD4 with a special sale including the water cooled spindle that both Rockler and Woodcraft were running.
A group of users of the Shark told me that I should just get the HD4 and use tiling if I needed more length.
Since the cost of the Vectric software upgrades are cumulative, I think I will upgrade to the Pro and see what limitations that has.
If I need Aspire, I can upgrade to it.
I need to get some hands-on experience to see what my needs are.
I think the only thing that upgrading to Pro gets you is unlimited size, nesting, and toolpath templates.
Welcome to the forum David . Looking forward to seeing your projects :)
My first project was a coaster with my website logo and my name.
I attended an Introduction to CNC class sponsored by Woodcraft Denver and our mission was to design and carve a unique coaster.
I'm at the age where I don't recall every step I make to get somewhere, so there was a learning curve.
And, of course, I didn't follow the first rule of computers and save frequently.
I ended up starting over 3 times.
Thanks Chad for the response.
I expanded your Avatar to see how you handled the hoses and cable from the spindle.
I was able to put the hoses through the plastic track that holds the motor cables, but there was not enough room for the spindle cable.
I thought I would need to get a larger track, but maybe I can hold off after looking at yours.
I am guessing a .DXF file will import into V-Carve. I used the bitmap import to import a .jpg of my website logo when I was working in the Intro. Class.
Thanks again!
Hello and welcome to the router forum.
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