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First off, here's a guide to bit profiles. You can get most of these profiles in different sizes. So you want to find a profile that's similar to what you want to cut, then measure and compare to bits with pictures of the profile they cut. Not all bit makers give you a profile image, but the better ones do. Here's the chart as a place to start. Some profiles are best cut using two bits and running the piece through twice. Have some test pieces cut to the same thickness as your drawer fronts.

milling things like picture frame stock, I got stuck in my thinking because I want a 5/8 ths rabbit, and thin stock doesn't work out for that. Finaly, it dawned on me to use a thicker stock and cut the profile on the top, leaving a lot of room to hog out the rabbet on the bottom. And to reduce the weight, I can use a table saw to cut off the excessive thicknees. No wonder that the mills charge so much for frame stock!

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And another chart that may be helplful. Just remember that you can use multiple bits to do a unique profile.
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1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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