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I had responded to another post leading to my newest purchase but figured I would make a separate post for my unit. I made my original dust shoe as my first project and it was never meant to be permanent more of a prototype but it did work fairly well. There was a few things I didnt like about it but it did an average job. I was reading another post and it lit the fire to go v2.0 Then I found this guy on etsy that had some really nice CNC dust shoes but none for my model I reached out and he happily designed one for me. I did step up from a 4" to 6" port but man so far this thing is awesome. It not only works better but it looks super cool too. I made the bracket to support the 6 metal chimney duct ( I like to hard pipe as much as possible) I have 2' vertical rigid then to 6' of 6" PU flex and then 6' of 6" ridged to about another 9' of 8" ridged metal to a 3hp cyclone. Its all home depot duct since im to cheap to buy Nordfab. I cant believe it would make that much more difference anyways. Here is some before/after picks since I know its kind of a requirement around here.

Also HERE is a link to his Etsy shop. I am in no way connected to him. Just letting others know of great design and seller. He has lots of designs for all sized machines big and small. If he doesnt already have one he will design one for you.

Wood Yellow Gas Engineering Machine tool

Tire Wheel Automotive tire Tread Hood
Motor vehicle Automotive tire Hood Automotive lighting Bumper

Tire Wheel Automotive tire Tread Bumper
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