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new fence input

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I got my table fence today from oak-park and I am very impressed with the durability it is made of durable plastic it is about an inch thick and I'd say 2" wide. I was going to use the fence from my old table but it wouldn't bolt up the same. I would have had to bolt it right to the base plate and worry about weaking it so I bought this in it's place. The only reason that I'm impressed with it never had a fence made out of plastic before strong enough to hurt a buglar with. The only complaint I do have is that I have to order these fine products on the weekends because I keep missing out on the sales but other wise very fair price on it. :sold:

Oops sorry Mark put it in the wrong subject tried correcting it but it won't let delete it there I slapped my patties for you. I should have put this in the table routing section.
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HDPE and UHMW plastics are showing up more places for building jigs or to simply clamp to your table as a fence. Woodcraft sells packages of odd sized pieces or 1/2" and 1" thick sections. Industrial users have had chain tensioners for years from these materials. Low wear and self lubricating properties make them ideal for woodshop use.
Hi: I have had my Oak-Park table, fence, and some of the accessories for the last few years, I find them very good. Can't complain about anything I have gotten from them.
On the Miter slide system I have made a new fence for cutting doe tails into drawer fronts. I made it from oak, and it works well, I'm now going to make a new version using the plastic materials. Woodnut65
Thanks for the ideas gives me some ideas of my own. For when I'm using the table see I mostly did my routing free handed. Only used the table last year once for jointing my boards this year I want to see if I can get into being a lot more artistic with molding and joints for my projects. I'm just experimenting with all my wood working if it looks good and I'm saticfied with it then I stick with that still. Well if it comes out and flop then try something else. I just love expermenting with wood takes a lot of aggression out and is relaxing.
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