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New from NC

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Hello all,
I just found this forum today, and I am looking forward to participating. I am retired from the computer manufacturing and data processing fields, and I have been an active woodworker for many years. Long term interest is reproduction furniture, but latest projects have been jewelry boxes and tee markers for a local golf course. Next project is the refurbishment of a 12 foot water wheel--after it warms up a bit. I

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Welcome BBB to the forums. Hope you have pics of that water wheel before and after. Don't see them very often usually only in the movies.
Hello, BBB glad you decided to join! Welcome to the forums.
Welcome to the forums BBB. Look forward to talking about routers with you.
Yeah BBB, lets see some pictures of the water wheel. Before and after would be nice. We'll wait till it warms up tho. By the way, welcome to the forums.

the "Doctor"
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