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New from Oklahoma

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Hi all,
Looking forward to all the information available on the site and learning new ideas from other folks.
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welcome Tom...
do you have a specific knowledge need we could possibly help you w/
Tom - welcome to the forums. Looking at your profile (40 years experience) tells us you don't need much help with anything and you've got some nice tools in your shop. That profile pic of the saddle is amazing. Join in on the discussions - you'll find a lot of friendly folks here. Looking forward to your participation.
Hi Tom, glad you decided to join the fun. Good folks here and a ton of knowledge and resources. Take a few minutes to fill in your profile if you haven't yet. Have you been at woodworking long?
Welcome to the forum, Tom.
Welcome from SW Oklahoma, glad to have you join un.
Welcome aboard, Tom.

Boy do you ever have a lot of catching up to do.

Ready, set...go!:surprise:
Hello and welcome to the router forum, Tom
Welcome to the forum Tom :)
Welcome to the forum Tom.
Welcome to the forum Tom. I agree with Vince your profile picture is most interesting.
Welcome to the Forum Tom
Welcome , Tom. Do you do any Leather Braiding with the saddlery ?
Welcome Tom. Lot's of good information here. Learn to search the wealth of information here.
Welcome, Tom. Born in and spent most of my life Delaware County just next door to you. Now reside just across the state line from you (Arkansas). Spent a lot of time earning two degrees at NSU. Glad you are here. You'll enjoy it.
Welcome to the forum Tom, like you slick and new ��
Thank you all for warm response.

Hi Stick, Thank you. I had not visited since I joined and have a lot of responses. To try and answer your question. No sir not anything specific. I am currently designing and building a 4 axis router duplicator, that I may possibly upgrade to a cnc as I gain knowledge and have the funds. I am working on the base now and x axis. I am sure I will have lots of questions as I move forward. I build custom saddle trees and saddles. I will try and post a picture of 2 saddle trees that I just finished the woodworking on over the weekend. I am going to start rawhiding them today. I hope to be able to set up the duplicator to take some of the hand work load out of building the trees. Not only to help with my arthritis but also to help catch up on my orders. The third and probably most important is the accuracy that it will bring to reproducing the parts, at the moment I use templates to make sure I have the correct shape. Last but not least is I am freehanding the parts into my big bandsaw and to say the least its not the most safe practice in the world. I appreciate the warm response and will try to get back to everyone as time permits. Tom


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