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New from Vancouver Island

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Hi, watching TV this afternoon I came across Routerworkshop.
Rather a Woodnut now, I seldom watch TV in the afternoon, and find myself in the shop working on my musical instruments, a winter hobby.
I am a retired vocational instructor in metalwork,however, since my visit to Epcot Centre and Silver Dollar City, my interest was sparked in building musical instruments, and have created several types over the last ten years.
I do have a Porter Cable plunge router that I have used for inlay work and Mortice and Tennon joints, amongst others
Interestingly, my son phoned yeterday having bought a router, as he is now into developing a product requiring moulds for a new product.
It will be of interest browsing the website for ideas, and possible questions.
I always look at developing jigs to make the job easier and more accurate, and lets face it there is always a better mousetrap.
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Hey Kees, welcome! Lots of info here at the forums. Enjoy!
Welcome to the forums kees
Welcome to the forums kees.
Welcome to the forums Kees. Good another retiree. What kind of musical instruments have you created?

the "Doctor"
Welcome to the forums Kees.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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