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New Furniture Pieces

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Well finaly got around to taking the plunge into Furniture building and boy talk about tools being out of sink so after a full day of tunning up the saws I finaly got into making some wood dust. Attached are three pieces over 3 weekends. I had some Oak Drawer fronts and doors left over so I constructed 2 Night Tables and I also had 3 corner cabinet shelves left over and decided to build a corner cabinet which houses our Electric fireplace and TV.Turned out not to bad. Hope you like


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Good job Daryl. You say that the 3 corner cabinet has a electric fireplace in it. I take it that the fireplace doesn't get hot enough to set the outside wood on fire?

the "Doctor"
Thanks Dr.Zook, The electric fireplace does not throw heat. Its just for looks
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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