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Howdy (That's how we say "Hi" in Texas!)

Welcome, or Hello, That's how we say "hi" in Canada. But maybe that's just the way in the East. That's where I am. Sort of East/Central. We're a tad more formal. I think it stems from the British background of a lot of us. Sometimes we just nod and smile. That conveys the message. Then again, if we just don't like the first impression we get, some of us just pretend we didn't hear the greeting and ignore the person. That's sometimes our passive/aggressive bent surfacing. If they persist and repeat their greeting and we're still not impressed we sometimes look straight at them with an open-mouthed half grin and widened eyes, no sound uttered, just a blank stare. It's interesting to watch the change in their demeanour. The hesitation comes in, then you see a bit of a questioning look, then a tiny hint of fear. They get no sense of hostility, just apprehension, a little fear of the unknown. It's a capsule study of human nature. They feign interest in another direction and excuse themselves. Game over.
1 - 1 of 16 Posts
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