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New guy here

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Hi everyone, looking forward to learning from everyone here. Long time router user here, but there is always something new to try. I have a router cabinet on wheels that my Rockler table and fence sits on. It has dust collection on the fence and below the table. I just installed a Rockler Pro lift with my Porter Cable router. My current project is laundry room cabinets with raised panel doors. I also turn lots of things on my Jet lathe.
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Wow, you have a pretty nice background in woodworking already. Welcome, Please do respond to member questions, you probably have more solutions than questions at this point. How long have you been doing woodworking? I also have the Rockler table, but didn't really like the Rockler lift, so I sold it and installed a Triton TRA001 which has a built in lift. Had to modify the table opening a bit. After a lot of years, that table is flat as ever.

We do love to see pictures of tools stands and other projects. Take a picture, load it into your computer, then in this window, just below this window is a line of icons. Between the links and camera is a little "picture" icon. Place the cursor where you want the picture, click the icon and a little window opens. Drag and drop your picture onto that popup and voila, it's done.

I have greadually enclosed the steel Rockler stand, but I also have their steel dust cabinet under there. A little crowded, but it works fine. The Triton doesn't pull sawdust down, but blows it upward so the behind the fence dust port does all the work. I like being able to store all my bit sets there, but not enough room for all the various bits I've accumulated over the years.
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Welcome to the forum @BigG
G'day and welcome to the forum..
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