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New guy in here

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Hi. I'm Willy, a new guy here. I'm new to serious woodworking although I've donesome sort of woodwork all my life. This is my first shot ay router work though and I'm a bit green. I found your site while looking around for instructions in removing the pilot bearing on my rabbet bit to change the size. I couldn't find the answer but I found your site. :p
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Hi Willy
Make a set of (oak/hardwood) V-Blocks and clamp it up in the vise,NOTE some have LEFT hand threads.

Bj :)
Just a quick note.
If you don't want to make a set of V-Blocks drill a 1/4" or 1/2" hole in a Oak/Hardwood block and cut a slot (with the grain) on one end of the block down the center of the hole just pass the hole by a 3/4" or so then use it to clamp the router bit in the vise.

Bj :)
Hello Willy and welcome to the forums.
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