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New Guy in Richmond, VA

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Hi to All,

I'm and retired guy who does a bit of woodworking from time to time. My prime activity for my spare time is cycling, but woodworking is second. For routers I have a table with a big PC router, a horizontal table wit ha pc690, a bosch 1617 attached to a mortising jig, and lastly for hand held I have a dewalt plunge router and a small hand held dewalt. Do I have too many routers?????? Not really and I suppose compared to others I have a smallish stable.
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G'day @joelspncr , welcome to the forum.

No, 5 routers is only entry level.....VBG...
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James, I'm routers in the down-under world spin in the opposite direction as those north of the know....just like the water in the drain spins in a different direction down under :cool: . Thanks for the welcome and for pointing out that I am still only entry level. No where to go but up!

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Hi Joel, fortunately not,,,,,,LOL Otherwise I would be doing a lot of climb cutting.....

Although, I did notice on a trip to USA, that you guys had your light switches upside down.....
Hi Joel, nice to have you aboard. Five isn't bad at all. What kinds of things are you making?
Welcome to the forum Joel.
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