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New guy on the forums from Alberta

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Hello everyone! I happen to have revived my long love of woodworking over the last few months and am making lots of saw dust and wood chips fly these days. Ton's o' Fun!
I am a pro musician who has a deep appreciation for fine musical instruments and custom furniture. I am presently spending waaaayyy too much money on some beautiful exotic wood stock for a number of projects.
I would love to connect with any woodworkers in Western Canada (B.C, AB, SK) as I do alot of travel for my "day job" and would love meet some of you out there.
Well...that's a start of an intro and as an aside...I am a record producer with connections to Major Labels and any recommends are highly appreciated. Thanks everyone for all of your insights into the world of wood and routers.
Sincerely, Rich :dance3:
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Greetings Rich! Welcome to the community
Greetings Rich and welcome to the router forum. We are pleased you have chosen to join with us.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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