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New guy - Sandy Eggo California

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Hey guys, new here! Just picked up a Porter Cable 690 type 6 mounted in a Rockler table with an older Rockler/JessEm "Rout-R-Lift" and its my first router. Cleaned it up and powered it on seems to work (at least it spins). Have been doing some reading/research on this Forum and finally got through to join (website has issues with my iPad). Just ordered a basic 15 pc MLCS router bit set to get going. The router seems like a very useful tool and I'm looking forward to making a table and fence for a cheap-o drill press I just picked up as my first project.

Just wanted to say HELLO and looking forward to learning lots on these pages.

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Welcome to the forum, Michael.
Your bio shows zero years experience with woodworking. You have chosen a great hobby or passion as time goes by.
Just a quick warning, power tools can be dangerous. So, while you are reading be sure to include safety practices. Specific tools have specific safety approaches.

You might consider practice cuts before attempting the "final" cut.

Looking forward to you sharing some of you accomplishments.
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