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New Guy

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Hi All,

I'm a retired Machinist, living in Central Florida, the Sunsine/Hurricane state. I am currently renewing my long time interest in woodworking. I have most of the typical tools and am in the process of building a router table top and cabinet for my PC 690. I had my first experience today with formica and my PC laminate trimmer. All went well and I now have a 1 1/2" thick top that weighs about as much as my Golden Retriever. I've been messing with computers for about 25 years now so if anyone needs help, I'll do what I can.

T Slot
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Welcome T Slot. Sounds like your already 'on your way' with the woodworking/router experience. :D
Hey Semper Gumby, nice to have a retired Machinist with us. It's nice to have a different tradesmans angle on things. Glad you decided to join our group. Lot of nice people here, both male and female. Even Ed can be nice. Again welcome to the router forums.

the "Doctor"
Neil b: hi from another retired machinist. glad you joined the forum and think that you will find that there is alot of help here for just about any wood working related problem that you might have.
whith the other members backgroud youll get the help with unrelated wood working situations. see you around.

Glad you decided to join us!

Hi neil and welcome aboard. The router table is a nice project and is customized to your specific needs when building it yourself. Be sure to post some pictures when you can, we love pictures around here.

Hello and welcome to
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