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New guy

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Howdy all: I'm from B.C. Canada, glad i found this site, hope to learn a lot about useing the router, Looking for plans for a good router table as i'm in a wheelchair i dont know if this will be a problem are not.Hope to get some input from someone Thanks
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Hello silverfox, welcome to! I suggest you post your question in the plans forum, I'm almost positive you'll get a response.
Welcome Silver Fox. You can build a chair accessable router table. This being said I have never seen one but have some great ideas I will draw up and post. We will ask for input from other members, this almost always generates good ideas. Here is the starting information we need from you: How wide is your chair?(Outside dimension including wheels) Width of the arms?(outside dimension) What is the height? (Measure from the ground to the top of the arms.) What is the relationship of your legs to the chairs arm height?(Higher or lower? This varies by manufacturer and user) What is your measurement from chest to wrist with arms extended forward? Height of arms extended forward above the chair arms? And finally what is the measurement from your chest to the furthest part forward, chair or feet? Do you own a router yet? I am excited about this project, something long overdue.
Welcome Silver Fox. Hope you find can find a table that will work for you.

Hi Mike, it took me a while to get back on the site as i 'm not to knowledgeable about computers. lol
Here are the mesurments you ask for hope it helps
Width of chair to outside wheels------24"
No arms on chair-----
width of knees-------17"
Floor to top of legs----26"
chest to wrist arms extended---22 1/2 "
Height of arms extended above legs---16"
chest to toes(as they extend the furthest)-----20 1/2"
Yes I do have a plunge router, I just bought a Portercable 3hp 1/4" and 1/2" Chucks.
Havent used it yet . looking forward to hooking it to a table.
I sure appreciate the help and info Thanks
Silver Fox (Tom)
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Welcome aboard Tom!!

You will get some good help...

Good to see you!

You have quite a challenge... take care.
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