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I Just Signed Up. I'm Planning My Retirement That Hopefully Will Include Milling And Finishing My Own Lumber. Currently I'm In A "dreaming" Mode. My Concept Includes A Small Sawmill To Cut Logs Into Boards And A Planner And Router To Finish Them For T&g Paneling And Other Finish And Trim Applications. Does Anyone Have An Opinion About About Feasibilty? Is It Possible To Get A Router Strong Enough To Mill Boards Into T&g, Etc, W/o Spending A Fortune?
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Glad you signed up bela hubbard. Welcome to the forum. Are you planning on running a lumber yard type of operation or are you just planning on making T&G paneling for your self. If you plan on running a business of T&G paneling, my opinion is to buy a shaper. They are more for production use. BUT, there are quite a few routers out there that can handle the job also. It really depends on what you plan to do. If you are like the rest of us, you will end up buying a router anyway. At least one. After all they are the most versatile tool in the shop.

the "Doctor"
Welcome Bela! Milling your own lumber is an ambitious project. Don't forget that the wood has to dry for a couple years after being rough cut. If you have the enclosed storage room this is a win / win situation. Milling your own T&G is not to tough. A good quality 3-1/4 HP router will set you back in the $350 range, a good home built table for production work perhaps $125. You can purchase a shaper and knife set in the $500 price range, there are also multi-function machines which will joint, plane, sand and mold lumber. The prices I listed are in US dollars, items available in the Detroit, Michigan area. Keep us posted on your progress.
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