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New here and needing a part

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I found this forum while looking for a part for my old Craftsman router model #315.174921. I need the plastic part that locks the shaft. I haven't found one yet except on other routers. I don't want to buy another router unless it is a dead one and I haven't found one of those either. So, just wondering if someone here has one or maybe someone can 3d print one. I've tried Parts Direct but no joy there either. Ok, now that I'm here I think I'll check the place out.

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welcome to the forum, TX.
what hobbies are you into ?
My woodworking interests include shop furniture, jigs, home repair and maintenance. Most of what I build is done with plywood or 2x4s or a combination of both. I definitely wouldn't call myself a "fine woodworker", but I can make piles of sawdust with the best of them. :D
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G'day @txtinman , welcome to the forum.

I hope you can find the part you are after.

Sometimes, with those older routers, parts are hard to find, and it may be worth upgrading to a modern variable speed 1/2" router.
Welcome to the forum.
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