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Welcome aboard. Muscle cars, huh?

When I graduated high school, I got a brand spanking new 67 Chevelle. It had a 350 hp 327 engine, close ratio Muncie 4 speed, and not much of anything else except for the Bolero Red paint inside and out. I have kicked my rear more than once for selling it. Yep, it was pretty fast for the average street driven vehicle...especially after installing headers on it and a 4:10 rear gear.:surprise::grin:

After you get ten posts, throw some pics up in the "Lobby" so we can gawk at your work!:grin:

Note: GM called it 325hp, but we all knew it was the 350 horse engine, same as in the Corvette. I know personally because I had it apart more than once! No flat top pistons in that thing!:smile:
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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