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Hi everyone. I've been asked by a few members I know to introduce myself. I see quite a few familiar faces here.

30 years of hobby woodworking.
25 years working in a commercial cabinet shop.
20+ years of CNC experience, both with big industrial routers, and DIY homebuilt machines. Familiar with a lot of CAD/CAM software.

I also develop a CNC program called JointCAM, for creating g-code for traditional woodworking joints. Dovetails, box joints, mortise and tenons.
And I create custom interfaces (screensets) for Mach3, and more recently, UCCNC.

You can find me at a lot of cnc forums. Been a moderator at CNC Zone for close to 15 years.
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Great to see you Gerry , it’s an honour to have you here :)
. I’ve certainly learned a plethora of information from following your posts at CNCZone , and will certainly be implementing any hardware and software you recommend when the time comes .
;)...INSUL1.0 ? Just kidding, Rick!
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Thanks Dan. My wife is from BC, so I usually get out there every other year.
Welcome, Gerry...your experiences will help many of us...
Welcome Gerry. Our CNC membership is growing steadily so you'll have a chance to help out.
Welcome to the forum, Gerry! Your knowledge and experience will certainly help here just as it does in other forums. I'm also a moderator at CNC Zone along with Gerry but he's a Community Moderator and I'm a lowly CNC Woodworking Forum only moderator. :wink: Glad you're here!

Welcome to the forum Gerry.
Welcome Gerry. From a good number of posts I've seen your expertise will be very welcomed not only from the beginner but also the experienced. From what I've read you can't know too much about these CNC machines. Good to have you aboard.
From what I've read you can't know too much about these CNC machines.
Yes, there's always something new to learn.
Welcome to the Router Forums Gerry. I did see a post or two from you and meant to say welcome earlier but I'm just trying to find the time to do everything I have on my schedule already. Glad you have joined us, there are times that we need one more person to help people get their new CNC running.

Welcome Aboard!
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Glad you joined the fun. With all the interest in CNC, I keep thinking about getting one, but so far, my budged has quenched the temptation.
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