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New Here

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Hi, gang.

I'm an old guy, just trying to learn the ins 'n' outs of routing. I've had an interest in woodworking for more years than I can remember, own several tools, including radial arm, bandsaw, scroll saw, and 2 routers, and a recently acquired at a garage sale, laminate trimmer.

I live in Michigan, (Detroit area), and would love interaction with fellow woodworkers in the area. I have a lot to learn and lots of questions.
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Welcome to the forums oldnewbie. You have come to the right place to have your questions answered.
Hey, welcome to the community!
Welcome Old Newbie... I like that name!

Welcome OldNewbie. I will be happy to make some sawdust with you. I live in Hazel Park.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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