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New Here...

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Hello All,

New here... I've been surfing the site for about a week or so now... got the link from a fellow woodworker on woodnet... thought I would take the time to introduce myself to all...

I go by Hog but name is Russ... been woodworking/construction since I was 8 yrs old... My dad was a self contractor and kept us kids pretty busy :p

I learned allot through my younger years from him.... now I've had my own woodshop for going on 6 yrs now... putting allot into it and only working on weekends and some evenings...

Now Retired from the military I am spending allot more time in the shop and on the woodworking forums... getting fed allot of information and giving out tidbits of what I've learned to work out (shop Ideas etc.) also along the way.... I've got 3 routers in my shop not counting my hand held and I still feel I do not have enough at times... this last week I've been working on Jigs and catching all the reading up I can do on the topics... Thus finding this site... good to meet you all and when I complete the jigs I'll post some pictures and notes about them...

Thanks for having me here...

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Nice to see ya here Hog or Russ. Look forward to talking about routers with you.
Yes, welcome to the fold Russ. We have a bunch of retiree's on this forum. I are one too. Toolmaker by trade, but want to work with wood now. With wood there is no scrap, only firewood. Again, welcome.

Dr. Zook
Retard Toolmaker
Pun intended
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