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reible said:
It might be interesting to start a database of people/routers who are willing to answer questions about the router(s) they own. A sort of resource for issues a fellow user might have.... even things you might not want to post because it would make you feel dumb...... you could private message the "issue".

It could also be used if someone was planning on getting that model and wanted some additional information...... maybe they got one off ebay and wanted a manual or the part number of the wrench that goes with it...

So what do you think about this? Comments? This could be expanded to other common power tools too......

Ed, I guess this could easily work in reverse....
sample posing .... as
anyone using or owning a (whatever.....), pleas e-mail me... I need your thoughts on its pros/cons together with other questions I have ?
just an idea if there was an obvious clue or new forum such as... Questions / Comments on member owned equipment... or ?
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