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New Incra user in Maine

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I have been an inactive member for some time and did little woodworking. My kids gave me an Incra I-box jig recently which has rekindled my interest in making saw dust. I have a summer cottage on the waters edge of a fresh water Lake near Bar Harbor Maine and will probably buy the Incra LS before the summer is over. Debating whether to buy Incra table frame and top vs building my own cabinet and have the top fabricated locally.Next week we have a family reunion in County Cork Ireland
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I've been using the Incra top with the Incra LS for some time along with a Sidewinder lift and it was all sitting on top of a homebuilt cabinet. I was also using the Clean Sweep inserts, but due to my own bad design, I had issues with removing all the dust below the router.

I decided to buy the Incra Clean Sweep box with it's 4 inch outlet, but quickly realised that it's not viable to fit the box round a Sidewinder, due to Bowden Cable angles and lack of a sealed hole to feed the cable through.

I've now bought the Incra PRL-V2 lift which fits fine inside the Clean Sweep box with no extra protrusions. At the same time, I decided to buy the Incra table stand and wheels, simply because to make it all work, I would have to modify my cabinet extensively and it was easier to replace it.

The Incra stand is very versatile, especially if you also add the shelf kit. There are many combinations of sides, back and shelves plus internal dividers that you can use and as I'm recovering from a major spine operation, I really appreciate how easy it is to move the entire table around on the wheels, with very little effort.

My only other issue with the Clean Sweep box is that I had to drill an extra hole in the backplate and fit a CAT5 cable outlet, to accommodate the data cable from my Wixey digital height gauge.

All in all, I'm very happy with the entire Incra setup and I'm glad I swallowed my pride and replaced my homebuilt cabinet. Value for money? I think so and you also get Incra support if you have any issues.
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Only thing I don't like about a steel stand is that the sawdust gets in everywhere and is really hard to keep out. I put doors on a similar stand on which my sliding miter saw sits, but I haven't gotter around to putting doors on the router stand. It's a bit narrow, and I like having a little space to store bit sets in their boxes. I keep thinking about building a much wider stand and putting the Rockler top on it, but you know how that goes. It's REALLY HOT out there.
. Debating whether to buy Incra table frame and top vs building my own cabinet and have the top fabricated locally
I am a big fan of building your own, or repurposing something else. Lots of lessons to be learned along the way!
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If you use the Incra LS and Incra Clean Sweep box and inserts with a good dust collector, there is little to no sawdust from the router.

Of course you can't keep sawdust out from other sources. :)
I have one purchased top, a steel Lee Valley one which is no longer available. I have it mounted one table top sized stand. All the others and my current big floor model have all been home made. My DC is attached to my fence. The router is already blowing air upward so not that much gets away from the DC in the fence. I don't tend to groove things on the RT and that is about the only job where the fence type collector is a total fail.
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