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I was flipping through the current issue of Wood Magazine last night, and saw a Jet ad for a new 17" drill press with a 5" stroke. Picture showed a paddle style off switch, and the belt cover was much more rounded than the JDP-17DX or JDP-17MF. No model number was listed. Went to the web site using the address in the ad--only saw the DX and MF. Tooled around again this morning, even clicked the "new products" link--still nothing.

Seems a little odd to run a full page magazine ad, but not post any news items. Google search brought up the DX and MF, only reference i spotted was a year-old Wood Whisperer blog about his trip to Nashville in 2013--mention that new drill press was coming but couldn't discuss it further. Just curious, though if they're going to close out the 17DX, and run the 10% off that's coming up--i may buy new 17DX instead of used something else!!

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