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New kid on the block

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My name's Larry and I'm from Pa. I've ejoyed watching the Router Workshop on PBSYOU for some months now. Bob and Rick sometimes amaze me with with the ways they come up with to do things. I do have two constructive criticisms, though. It's time for some new projects. The workshop is on a few times each day on PBSYOU and I've only seen a half dozen or so projects. The other thing is the tediousness of watching the same cuts made in 6 or more boards. Why not show the first cut in the first board (stick, as Bob likes to call it) and the last cut in the final board?? Again, these are meant to be constructive. The second one would give more time for greater detail, instead of watching endless repetitive cuts!! Other than that, I really enjoy the show and the skill involved.
As for me, I've done some projects over the years, my latest being a repro antique icebox for my wife for Christmas. I learned some new techniques watching Bob and Rick, some of them after I'd milled some parts. The icebox is solid oak and turned out very well. I really haven't done a lot with my router, but would lke to get into it a little more. I managed to make all the appropriate tongues and grooves and rabets (??) necessary to complete my project, but I could've done them easier had I seen some of the workshop tips sooner!!!!
I guess that's enough for now. Thanks for listening.
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Hey larry, welcome to the forums.
Hi Larry welcome to the forums. Where in PA are you from. I live Mt. Top. PA
Hello Larry. Welcome to the forums. The "boys" do make it look easy don't they. Glad you joined us.

the "Doctor"
Welcome to the forums Larpa. I will pass on the constructive criticism on to the Director and Dad. Thanks for watching and joining

I'm from the Annville area, Glenmore. And thanks for the response, Rick. I appreciate it!!
Welcome to the forum
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