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New Kid

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Hi everybody. I'm new here and I've been in woodworking for a little less than a year now. I have the basic tools but I am looking to add to it little by little. So far I have a 10" table saw, 10" compound sliding miter saw, router and table. My next purchase I would like to make would be a jointer and I would like to get a bigger router, one that has interchangable collets. I use my garage as a shop after I have moved all my kids bikes, toys, junk, lawn equipment and the wifes van out into the driveway. Other than woodworking my other hobbies include family time, reading, guitars and saltwater aquariums.
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Welcome to the forum. I'm sure that you will enjoy.
Hey Gunslinger, welcome! Oh yeah lots of sawdust here! Enjoy! :D
Hello GunSlinger, Welcome to the RouterForums :)

Atleast you have your garage to put your car in. Mine is full of wood working tools and Wood. My wife has been telling me for a while now to clean out and rearrange it. I may have to do that soon since the weather has cooled off.

I went with the Thickness Planer instead of the jointer after buying my Table Saw and 12" Compound Miter Saw. I still want a Jointer but a New Router will be next, it will be a dedicated one for my Router table.
Welcome to the forums GunSlinger.
Welcome new kid. Glad you decided to join us. There is vast wealth of knowledge and experience on this forum. It is not strictly a router forum. You can ask questions about all forms of woodworking. Someone out there will have an answer. Welcome.

the "Doctor"
Nice to have you here gunslinger. Look forward to talking about routers with you.
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