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It's selling for around $230, with a plunge base plus tilt, offset base and dust collection shrouds.[/url]
Advertising here indicates that the CX3 kit will only be available to a limited number of countries in the EU, eg. the Netherlands. In the UK we will (sadly) only be getting either the trimmer on its own or the CX2 kit (same as the CX3 kit but minus the offset base). The street price will probably be about £105 for the base trimmer or £200 for the CX2 kit. Delivery in the UK at least is scheduled arund late May/early June according to my supplier

A few nice things about this trimmer over the Colt are (obviously) the plunge base, a new adaptor to allow its' use with guide rails (and the Makita rail is compatible with Festool, Hilti, old Bosch, Metabo, etc) and dust extraction adaptors supplied as standard. From the European perspective it's good that this router will be delivered with the options of 6mm, 1/4in (6.35mm) and 8mm collets (Makita UK say the UK versions will have 1/4in and 8mm collets). It also has variable speed as well, unlike the European Bosch GKF600 (our version of the Colt) which does not. Come on, Bosch! Pull your socks up!

I'm also told that the guide rail diameter is 8mm, the same as the small DWs (DW613, DW614, DW615, DW621 and DW622) as well as many other rouers includinfg the smaller Elus, Metabo Signal 1229, many Chinese small routers, etc. Don't yet know what the centres for the fence are, though

For anyone who wants to see it in action here are some videos posted by the Netherlands Makita distributors (in Dutch, but turn the sound down and watch if you're interested):

What's in the box

or in English

The plunge base and side fence/rail guide

Additional support sub-base (in CX3 kit) - means that third party/home-made solutions won't be necessary for the RT0700

Offset base

Makita have already published the manual for this and I've uploaded it in the manuals section for those who'd like a more detailed look


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