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New member creating LiFePo4 battery boxes with zero clue 👍

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Hi, new member here. Lived all over the world. I have exactly zero experience with woodworking and tools, long live econometrics.

I am building my own LiFePo4 battery box. Rather than using a plastic case, I decided that my battery box will be sealed and insulated inside so I can maintain a temperature range of 22~30 degrees celsius. I am living in Pakistan right now, so finding any branded tools is a task in itself. Bosch is the only one I could get a hold of, and Bosch is very peculiar in the way it sells. Routers are especially frustrating, why do they even make 12mm router collets 😭.

To get started with the battery boxes, I was thinking either wood or plywood depending on which one is cheaper and stronger. Still haven't found a shop for plywood, will check in a few days, have a few leads. For the box I was thinking of a simple joining, using pocket screws everywhere. I haven't tested glue strength yet. I am still trying to reach the Chinese manufacturer of titenbond and see if they can point me in the right direction. Importing the glue from amazon basically costs me 2x the listed price due to shipping and import taxes.

Once the basic box is set up, I'll be using a router to smooth out the edges. Later on, once I get more experience and comfortable, I will use more fun ways of building boxes and make them better. I will be primarily using a drill/impact driver, handheld circular saw and a router. Don't have space for any equipment that requires a table. The router is a plunge router, everything is done by hand.

I am sure, over the next few months I will be bombarding everyone here with lots of minor questions.If everyone could patiently point me in the right direction of where to read up on things, that would be great.
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I'm also gathering info to build my own batteries and will probably use 32650 LiFePo4 cells but I'm looking at one of the plastic containers with wheels. I build enough wood projects so if I can buy a container for $20 or so then that's a better place for me to start.

Looking forward to seeing your schematic; I have yet to design my system.
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