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New member from Hawaii

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Aloha everyone!

I'm a woodworker that resides on the island of Oahu. I enjoy making anything from Koa crafts to kitchen cabinets. I've been a member of woodworking sites for a while but only recently found this awesome site.
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Really glad you joined the fun here. I'd bet most of us would love to know about unique woods and such on the Islands.
Hello and welcome to the router forum,Gene
Welcome to the forum, Gene! When you get a minute go ahead and complete your profile with first name - that way it'll show instead of N/a. We'd love to see some of your work if you want to post some photos.

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Welcome to the forum, Tom. We really enjoyed visiting your beautiful island a few years ago. Also enjoyed the food.
Welcome to the forum Gene . I’m assuming it’s Gene ? Anyways, I hope you share your projects with us . This is a super friendly place,with a plethora of information. Great people here too :)

I’m envious of you living in Hawaii and all . The only time we get a break here in western Canada during winter is when the Pineapple Express happens. Which is warm air currents from you guys.
I don’t like cold,and don’t do well with extremely hot weather either . I heard it doesn’t get overly hot or cold there . Wish I was born there lol
Welcome to the forum Gene.
Welcome Gene.
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