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Hi, as you can tell, my name is Mike and I'm in the San Francisco Bay Area. I've been using a router since I bought a Sears (and most power tools) about 25 years ago. Cause my MIL worked there. That thing will not quit. It's in a small Sears table a friend gave me.

Then as desire and ability grew, I had the opportunity to get a Porter Cable 890 combo when they first came out, at a store demo. The incentives from the Porter Cable guy were to good to resist. The 890 sometimes goes into a cast iron BenchDog table saw extension. Very Cool. Now I'm shopping for another 890.

I'm a very typical weekend, and some weekdays, home woodworker. I took over the garage. Got some nice tools, and some that I'd still like to have. I do a bit of turning also. Made a small amount of $ selling pens, bottle stoppers, etc. Just made a very cool jig that allowed me to rout flats at the bottom of turned table column, then sliding dove tails for the legs on those flats. I can make a photo, if anyone is interested.

I look forward to continued research (reading) from everyone. Most of whom have extensive experience with everything to do with a router.
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