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New member here with a brand new Craftsman Router Duplicator 9-25189 needing help on choosing a router for it

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I have been a lurking member for a while but this is my first post.

I have a new, in the box Router Duplicator and want a dedicated router for it. Since this is going to run for long periods I would like to know if there is a quiet router with a 3" - 3 3/4" body for it that someone can suggest. My hearing is already shot but I want to save those in my household. My little Makita palm routers are too small and my old Craftsman router is very loud and I'd like to leave in the router table. Is a large, quiet router oxymoronic? Thanks in advance!
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Really hard to beat the Bosch 1617 for a job like that. Good power, rugged, pretty universal machine and not too loud..
Tom, Thanks. Reading the forum it looks like the winner and fits the duplicator! Ron
welcome to the forum, Ron.
some photos would be really good to see during the set up and when you start turning out some projects.
Will do. Ron
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