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Hello, I'm Jamila from Providence. I'm about 5 months in with woodworking. I just find it therapeutic and relaxing.
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Welcome to the forum Jamila.
Welcome to the forum from Canada Jamila. Looking forward to seeing your future projects. We love pics btw ;)
Welcome to the forum Jamila. Hopefully you'll find this a pleasant place to visit and get assistance. There are a bunch of great people here that are very willing to share their knowledge and skills so ask away and let be the first to mention pictures. This bunch really like pictures. Pictures of your projects, pictures that help explain your questions/answers, well just pictures in general. Did I mention pictures of your shop....again, welcome.
Hi Jamila and welcome. There’s lots of experience here for you to draw on.
Welcome to the Router Forums Jamila
Welcome! Everyone on this forum is so welcoming and are here to answer any questions you may have.
The level of experience from the members is awesome too!
hello and welcome to the forum Jamila
Welcome to the Forum, Jamila...and as far as relaxing and therapeutic is concerned, forget that...this Forum can get very exciting at times...:grin:
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Welcome to the forum from Oz..
Welcome Jamila. Nice to have you aboard. Since you're just getting underway, I'm attaching a pdf of the 18 or so things that helped me speed up my learning curve. It may also save you some money by NOT buying things that are not that important. It's a lot of informaiton, but it happened over 8-10 years. The pdf also has pictures. Enjoy. I also find woodworking very calming and relaxing.


Welcome to the forum Jamila. Hope you enjoy your stay.
1 - 15 of 15 Posts
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