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Hello all, I've been involved with woodworking about 30 years since high school as most of us, enjoyed almost every minute of it. Was in the trades doing finish carpentry, cabinets, painting etc. for a number of years before coming to work for Bits & Bits Company. We're based outside of Portland, Oregon and we manufacture and sell solid carbide spiral bits (up cut, down cut, compression, etc.); perhaps you've seen a few guys on youtube and instagram promoting our tools. We also coat and sell a good portion of Whiteside's router bit selection.

Back in the day I spent a lot of time on the woodnet forum (mpwedge) and there was a member there named Charles that actually worked at Freud Tools, and I always noticed that he would answer a post with valuable information based on a lifetime of shop work without pushing a Freud product over another. I always respected that and that is my intention here in joining this forum. I handle a lot of emails and calls every day with newbies and seasoned shop veterans alike, asking for help in bit selection or troubleshooting and would like to continue to contribute and educate. I haven't done it all or seen it all, and I can't hold a candle to some of the other guys here, but I can help with some common questions, misconceptions, myths, etc.

Thanks for reading, looking forward to learning alongside the rest!
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