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Hi friends, my name is Jenn I'm new here and to woodworking. I just got into it this last year, maybe 5 months ago. My father used to make cabinets when he was my age, so it might be in my genes. And my boyfriend is a self-taught carpenter so he's been teaching me as well.

I stick to some pretty low key things, mainly accent/coffee tables and desks using live edge and epoxy, although some of my favorite tables are just wood and oil. I don't have a shop, I work out of the garage and my dad's old shed in the backyard, which I share with mice and snakes. Most of the time we respect each other's space.

I found this forum yesterday when I was searching the web for help with my new router (this place gave me all the answers I needed and helped solve my problem, so thank you!).

Looking forward to joining this woodworking community, mainly so I can harness everybody else's years of experience and knowledge for myself 馃槆馃槆馃槆
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Welcome to the forum. I鈥檇 love to see some of your desks . My dream is to build a computer corner desk someday , and always like to see other peoples ideas
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Glad you decided to join the gang. We have a lot of folks here who love to share and teach, so your questions are very welcome.
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