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Howdy, All. I make Neon Art, and mostly mount the work on wood. Non-conductive, easy to work with and attractive makes wood the choice. Consequently my shop, in addition to a neat Neon plant, has most of the basic wood tools; Craftsman cast iron table saw with a Vega Powermatic fence and 2 hp motor, tilting bandsaw, custom built router table, radial drill press, lots of hand operated power tools, five routers from a 3/4 horse Colt to a 3-1/4 hp plunge router. I'm a real fan of water-jet metal cutting and CNC routers for wood, though I farm that out to a couple of trusted craftsmen. I have a one-man operation and it is very rewarding. I like pretty stuff.
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G'day @DrNeon welcome to the forum.
Sounds like you have a good set up, there....
Welcome. Many years ago I spend an afternoon with a really old guy who made neon. It was a real challenging craft. I'd built an intricate set of valves, tubing, etc., to fill the tubes with various gasses. Fascinating. Hope you'll share some pictures, I think all of us will love it.
Welcome to the forum.
welcome to the forum - really looking forward to seeing some of your projects.
Welcome to the forum. Wood love to see your work , neon sounds very interest
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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