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I am a retired Chemist with an associate degree in electronics and an interest in machining. I have an extensive background with computers but I am having difficulty getting Linux into a Windows system.

I want to purchase a small router on eBay and machine some holes in an electronic
enclosure. The size is 8" 6".

I have a copy of Alibre, but I have lost the password. I have four tutorial disks and the full fledged version that is about 6 years old. I can read the tutorials and they are great training aid.

I need help getting EC2 up and running. I can puchase Turbocad and do the 2-d machining I need with it.

I am in Green Lake Wisconsin.

Rowland Randall
contact via PM
Welcome Roland,

Alibre has several design software offerings. Express is free, while others are a 30 day eval. It might help if you post what you are using.

Amazon EC2 is a web (cloud) computing service installed on a server OS... which may be beyond the scope of this forum here, although if you PM me, I'm an IT Sys Admin and on the Ubuntu Server Team... I might be able to help you work out your problems with that offline in PM.
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